Klimatechnik Weiss Products are high quality products. We stand for quality and customer satisfaction. The development and production of fan louvre shutters, as well as fittings for ventilation and air conditioning industry are produced in Germany according to our very high quality standards.

The relevant norms and regulations are complied. We manufacture plastic parts as per CE, certificates of conformity have been awarded.

Many products have been tested by the DLG Testing Centre at Groß-Umstadt and certified as „DLG Approved“.

„kunststoffland NRW“ is an association of several companies of North Rhine – Westphalia working in the plastic business. The main target of this partnership is to create and assemble a network of know-how to give a guarantee of a high quality standard to the customers.

To protect the environment, we are working with green electricity – focus hydropower – without climate-damaging CO2- emissions.

Logo_RALThe standard colours of our products are

as described grey approx. RAL 7001
as described light grey approx. RAL 7035
as described white approx. RAL 9010
as described black approx. RAL 9005
as described anthracite approx. RAL 9023


Other shades are available on demand.