About us

bild4KTW Worldwide

Our products can be seen on all continents. Located in the middle of Europe we have immediate access to all major transport routes, which guarantees
shortest delivery times. Availability and high quality are as important as co-operation with the customer in the field of forward-looking products.

bild4Klimatechnik Weiss GmbH is a manufacturer of plastic fan louvre shutters and ventilation systems for the air conditioning industry. We extrude, mould, weld and laminate plastics by applying „state-of-the-art-technology“
and take full advantage from our expertise, having envolved over many years.

bild3Our own construction and production enable us to comply with your special requests, i.e. the manufacture of custom-built profiles or injection moulded parts. Always being prepared to tread new paths and to show flexibility in the adaption to market requirements, we are uncompromising about quality in all stages of manufacture as we make it our business to guarantee
trouble-free operating and reliable products.

bild4Decades of experience are the basis for well operating and safe solutions. Where metal parts would not have an earthly chance, our plastic components will resist.

bild4Nearly everything is possible with plastics. This depends on how you can handle this subject. That’s the reason why we are on the one hand specialized on a certain production field, i.e. ventilation and air conditioning and on the other hand we see our strength in the production. We are therefore in the position to guarantee our customers a special product of high quality.

bild4The different tasks in the field of air conditioning technology require intelligent and brilliant solutions. We produce fan louvre shutters, air inlets and ceiling diffusers in a variety of dimensions. Some of them can either be with self-adjusting blades, with fixed blades or motorized.

The optimal solution combines the best price with a maximum of performance. Everybody in our company is obliged to follow this motto, starting with the development and planning of a product, going on with the production and finally reaching the logistics.