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Ventilation Grilles

Type AG / AG-S,
Type AG EX / AG-S EX

Photo: AG, AG-S


  • Plastic ventilation grilles for supply and exhaust air
  • Type AG: Fixed, horizontal, manualy adjustable blades
  • Type AG EX: (explosion proofed)
  • Type AG-S: With additional vertical air-intake blades
  • Type AG-S EX: (explosion proofed)
  • Outdoorweathering resistant (UV-stabilized)
  • Suitable for an operating temperature range of -30 °C
    to +60 °C
  • Specific design guarantees high durability
  • Manufactured of high standard ecologically friendly plastic
  • Number of blades varies according to the shutter's size
  • Production according to your requested dimensions; please indicate the exact fitting dimensions
  • Available in colour grey ~ RAL 7001, light grey ~ RAL 7035 and white ~ RAL 9010
  • Type AG EX and AG-S EX only available in black